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Beaver Brook Association | Maple Hill Farm | Hollis, NH

Located in the Nature Play Area at the Beaver Brook Association's Maple Hill Farm in Hollis, NH, the new chainsaw carvings and playground features can be found . This project includes a large and welcoming oak beaver, a nice long rope walk between two trees, an engaging wobble bridge made sturdy by beaver-chewed oak posts with a fantastical owl carving, and a unique oak limb to climb and swing on! 

The excitement and joy these new features bring to the visitors of the Nature Play Area add a next-level energy to play, skill level and confidence building, and a whole lot of fun. #goplayoutside !

Contact us to learn more!

Tom LeComte

Owner & Artist

Laurel Hill Studio LLC


Phone: 603 860 8237

Studio Address:

1202 Townsend Road

Mason, NH 03048

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